“Decoding My Gaming Identity: Tags and Games Uncovered”

Hi guys, i wanted to take a moment to get to know all of you and make a reference of my GamerTags and a few of my favorite games. all of these tags will be rerenced on a static page and sticked to the appropriate forum topic. so without further procrastination lets get started

My Main Platform is PC

  • Game’s i play include but are not limited to Everquest, CoD3, Fortnite, Stumble Guys, X-Defiant, Apex Legends, and MineCraft: BedRock
  • My hours of play are Mon-Thur 6pm-9pm EST. and Fri-Sun at random but mostly 12pm-2am EST.
  • My PC Specs will be listed at a later date as i have not decided on what hardware i want to stress atm

EverQuest (P1999)

  • The One and Only my favorite game of all time that holds a very special place in my heart!!!
  • This is a game where i occasionally come back to from time to time to slowly grind away levels
  • I Present to you Tcook Iksar, Necromancer of the 45th Lvl.
  • Feel free to hit me up if you ever need help installing the game, rolling new characters, or just need a little push in the game ill be here to help as long as time permits.

Call Of Duty: 3 MW/WZ

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